#10Tips10Days - Volume 2

#10Tips10Days - Volume 2

A campaign to encourage people to share their expertise and get their wisdom on video. Come join us!

Jake Jordan on LinkedIn: Day 2 | Tip 2 - How to Get Unstuck

#10tips10days After dealing with the real problem (hint: it's you), then we move onto external issues. Tip 2 is: Look for your vampires 🧛‍♂️ There are things all around you that suck time, money and energy from your day. Many times it's not the issues that is the real issue. It's the distractions. So find out if there are things distracting you on a daily basis from doing your work the way it's supposed to be done - 100% CC my compadres: Lila Smith, Kira Day, and Bobby Umar Also some superstars already full press into the campaign that you should 💯 check out: Chase Gibson, Patrick Ward and Joanna Wiesinger, Ph.D. #impactoverattention

Jake Jordan on LinkedIn: Day 3 | Tip 3 | How to Get Unstuck

#10tips10days 'The Alternate' How many people do you know that complain about something not working... then without any research or reason just try something different? Most people don't do that... So why is the new tactic or strategy not working when they have thought about it? Because they probably based the change on the wrong information. Watch day 3 to figure out how to pick a smart alternate when you are stuck. CC: Bobby Umar, Kira Day, Lila Smith #unstuck #impactoverattention

Jake Jordan on LinkedIn: Day 4 | Tip 4 | How to Get Unstuck

#10tips10days The plan. It's pretty straight forward. You can make a change but if you don't have a plan then things will fall down. I'm genuinely curious... When you make a plan and it doesn't work, what is your typical response?? Let me know in the comments! The superfriends: Lila Smith, Bobby Umar, Kira Day #impactoverattention

Jake Jordan on LinkedIn: Day 5 | Tip 5 | Getting Unstuck

#10tips10days Create new habits. Have you ever tried to lose weight? Did you start with a burst of energy and determination? Did it end with disappointment and discouragement? That's because you need systems and support to achieve new things. That's what we are talking about here. Watch the video to hear how I recommend adding habits to your day so that they are more sticky. What habit do you need to add to your day? Here are a couple other great 10tips10days people talking about habits! Randy Beiner and Brian Ford #impactoverattention #unstuck

#10Tips10Days | Get Unstuck | Day 6

We all know there are things that we could offload from our plate. This is the time to figure out what needs to be handed off and what needs to take priority!

#10Tips10Days | Get Unstuck | Day 7

What do you measure? It may surprise you that results are not the best thing to track to make long term progress. Watch my tip today to find out what I'm tal...

#10tips10days | Get Unstuck | Day 8

Doing things in the right order can make a HUGE difference. Watch to find out how.

#10tips10days | Get Unstuck | Day 9

Do you invite this into your life or do people fore it upon you? Find out how to use this magic elixir to your advantage. See all of my #10tips10days here: h...